Faith and Capital

"MASS WORK" [bonus excerpt]

January 19, 2022 Faith and Capital
Faith and Capital
"MASS WORK" [bonus excerpt]
Show Notes

This is the intro to an hour long patreon/bonus episode where Chase reads and discusses the document "MASS WORK," an excerpt from a Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) handbook for revolutionaries.

Lots of folks have heard about the mass line, but how do we put it into practice? If you're wanting to think through developing mass work where you are, this is an excellent text to study with comrades.

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Find the document here:

The full episode is broken up in to 5 sections.

05:05 -- Section A: Line and Orientation of Mass Work
21:28 -- Section B: Propaganda and Education Work
27:50 -- Section C: Organizing the Masses
45:10 -- Section D: Mobilizing the Masses
49:46 -- Section E: Consolidation and Expansion

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