Faith and Capital

79 | On Contradiction w/ Hye Sung

July 22, 2021
Faith and Capital
79 | On Contradiction w/ Hye Sung
Show Notes

How might Mao Zedong help us become better followers of Christ?

This episode is a deep dive into Mao’s essay On Contradiction. The point of this episode is to assist in helping us understand the six points of the text and to encourage using this framework for analyzing and transforming the political, social, and spiritual contradictions of our personal and communal lives for the good! This text is also key for understanding Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

We talk a good bit about dogmatism throughout the conversation. But what’s most unique about this all is that we use Mao’s essay to reflect upon sin, our theology, christian practice, and church life.

9:10 -- The Two World Outlooks
26:25 -- The Universality of Contradiction
47:35 -- The Particularity of Contradiction
56:40 -- The Principle Contradiction and the Principle Aspect of a Contradiction
1:13:50 -- The Identity (Unity) and Struggle of the Aspects of a Contradiction
1:22:16 -- The Place of Antagonism in Contradiction
1:26:50 -- Dogmatism, Revisionism, and Reformism (this last part of the timeline is not a seventh point but addresses Mao's concern of dogmatism and revisionism!)

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